Save Telford

Mission Statement

SAVE stands for Survivors of Abuse Violence and Exploitation and also stands for Support Advocacy and Victim Empowerment.

We are a survivor led organisation in Telford, set up to support victims of all forms of child abuse and through our support enable these victims to blossom into survivors and thrivers

Our main focus is not to revisit the trauma but focus on rebuilding and empowering victims of abuse

We will also provide revolutionary non trauma related therapy which has proven to be extremely effective within the veteran community dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder .

As stated this support is there for victims, and their family, of all forms of child abuse and for victims from all backgrounds and ethnicities.

We pride ourselves on equality and diversity.

As we say to all survivors we support…….. “WE’VE GOT THIS”

About us

Sarah Rushton – Head of Support and Advocacy

My name is Sarah and I am Head of Support and Advocacy for SAVE in Telford

I myself am a survivor of abuse and I feel that enables me to create a positive relationship with victims and my lived experience enables greater understanding

My vision is to create a community of survivors, who through our support can help empower other victims to help rebuild their lives and become beautiful warriors!

The support we offer

Our main objective is to avoid revisiting the trauma and to focus on rebuilding and empowering survivors.

We offer general day to day support and advocacy, such as help preparing for meetings with authorities, courts or any other organisations

We will offer non trauma related therapy free of charge, with the help of funding, that will focus on survivors wellbeing and mental health in day to day life


If you are interested in receiving support please fill the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Upon receipt of this we can then contact you for a chat and arrange our first face to face meeting.

*please note that we are currently only able to meet in person with people in the Telford or closely surrounding areas, apologies for any inconvenience